Ginataang Champorado

Author's Note Growing up with my grandparents in a small farming town in Bohol and with the abundance of cacao trees surrounding our house, we always have our own supply of homemade tableya or pure chocolate tablets. It is customary at home that my Lola Laida will prepare champorado or sampora as she calls it … Continue reading Ginataang Champorado

The Introvert Kitchen loves Kikkoman

I am very excited and thrilled to be in partnership with Kikkoman Europe! Yehey! Growing up in the Philippines or in East Asia in general, soy sauce can be considered as part of our DNA. In fact, you can find soy sauce in most of our dishes. My most favorite Filipino dishes include pork adobo, humba … Continue reading The Introvert Kitchen loves Kikkoman

Almost Giving In!

As per the title suggest, I almost gave in to do the same challenge as what Julie did (Amy Adams) on this Julie & Julia movie. Knowing myself better, I did not entertain this thought further. BUT? Julie's character gave me the inspiration to do my ''Instagram Project'' instead. This way, it is more attainable … Continue reading Almost Giving In!