An introvert Pinoy who likes to cook. A self-taught baker who also likes to take photos.

Something very personal & little fun facts!

  1. The first real food dish that I’ve cooked was the Pinoy style omelet. See #2.
  2. I learned it from my Mama Dolores when I was 6 or 7 years old but she beat me first with a ladle! (In Cebuano: Gibunalan ko og luwag sa akong Mama kay istorbo daw ko!) So, that was my first cooking lesson!
  3. At that same age, I saw my Papa Ponso baking bread from his improvised oven made from a tin can. So this was my first baking lesson πŸ™‚ 
  4. I lived with my grandparents shortly and during my third grade, I was cooking already for more than 10 people. My Lolo & Lola owned several rice paddies and we often asked help from other people for planting and harvesting. During lunch break or after the hard days of work, people will drop by first to our house to have a meal.
  5. The first dessert I made was bukayo until my Lolo complaints because I am harvesting his young coconuts – goodbye copra!
  6. My Lola also complains because I am consuming our brown sugar days before our next market day!
  7. The first cooking show I watched are those Chinese shows that don’t even have any translations! This was followed by the Del Monte Kitchenomics segment. A few years after, I discovered Ms. Heny Sison.
  8. The first and only celebrity that I chased for an autograph (as of this writing) was Ms. Heny Sison. I love all her shows and up to now, I am still a fan.
  9. My first kitchen job was during my last two years of high school. I was a working student in our town’s rectory.
  10. During my 3rd year in high school, I also got my next ”cooking lessons” from Tita Patring. From her, I learned to cook more sophisticated and ”social” dishes! πŸ™‚ 
  11. At 17, I worked as a kitchen assistant in a school canteen. During this period that I learned how to make bread and cakes eventually.
  12. The first cake I baked was an Orange Chiffon cake.

………to be continued! πŸ™‚Β