Almost Giving In!

As per the title suggest, I almost gave in to do the same challenge as what Julie did (Amy Adams) on this Julie & Julia movie.

Knowing myself better, I did not entertain this thought further. BUT? Julie’s character gave me the inspiration to do my ”Instagram Project” instead. This way, it is more attainable and doable for me. And when the days that I felt discouraged and ran out of the urge to continue, I just imagine these two ladies and their respective passions to ignite again my desire to create something delicious.

Interesting fact. While I am not eating beef meat for almost 20 years however, I tried and tested Julia Child’s beef bourguignon out of curiosity and surprisingly loved it!

Here is another interesting fact. I was working also in a ”cubicle” for quite some time just like Julie. I can just ask myself how did manage to survive all those years? That could be a good subject for another blog! πŸ™‚

Have you watched and like this movie too?

(Video and photo credit to Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Below is the beef bourguignon I cooked last year.

Here are the other movies that inspired me in many ways and of course I can watch them all over and over again! πŸ™‚

Ratatouille, Chef, and The Hundred-Foot Journey

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